About SSC 2017

The 2nd Annual Services for Smart Cities (SSC) focuses on software assisted environments for Urban environments. We welcome papers exploring the theme of ‘Software Services for Smart Governance in Smart Cities’ with an aim to bring together researchers, developers, practitioners, and stakeholders interested in the advances and applications for smart cities.

Local authorities have historically taken siloed and reactive approaches for services delivered to citizenry. As time has gone on these authorities are starting to adapt and the desire to take a more holistic and proactive approach to governance is building. Data is both the catalyst for change and the cornerstone challenge. In an era of cut-backs, local authorities can not always design, develop, and deploy solutions in-house. Cloud computing provides the vehicle for delivery of smart city services and solutions.

The track will explore Cloud enabled service delivery and reusable solutions for:

  1. Smart Urban Networks: Cities comprise of different networks such as water, energy, homes, roads, transport, sensors etc. Each is a complex system and effective governance can only be achieved through a systems-of-systems approach;
  2. Smart Urban Management: Holistic modelling and using the deluge of data to aide in planning and delivery of city services including integrating real-time feedback;
  3. Smart Urban Services: delivering customized and intelligent services to citizens, and create a space for engagement;
  4. Smart Urban Technologies: Dashboards, management interfaces and tools for data ingestion and management.

Paper Submission (Firm Date): March 25, 2017
Decision Notification (Electronic): April 15, 2017
Camera-ready Paper: April 20, 2017

Call Topics

The track invites submissions in Service delivery and Cloud enabled solutions in the topics listed below and other relevant domains.

Smart Networks:

  • Holistic Transport Modeling / Mobility Systems
  • Resource Management (Water, Energy)
  • IoT, Sensor Networks and Real-time systems
  • Smart Homes in Smart Cities

Smart Management:

  • Analytics and Proactive Governance
  • Software Assisted Disaster Management, Crowd Control
  • Planning, management, and deployment of infrastructure

Smart Services:

  • Person Centric Governance
  • Participatory Environments
  • Data formats, privacy & protection for data convergence;

Smart Technologies

  • Management Dashboards
  • Software Workflows
  • Data Management & Workflows

Submission Guidelines

Subission guidelines for SSC can be found on the IEEE Services Congress Site